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What Say You? ~ Part 3

Do you know her? It appears her name was Hattie Nelson. Are there any family stories you can share? She hand-stitched this beautiful Victorian Quilt, which will be on display at the historic D.D. Collins House. It appears Hattie worked on this quilt in the late 1800s or the early 1900s. There are other ribbons that tell of Collinsville’s history, but they are so worn, it is difficult to see what they refer to. Anything that you can offer, wold be greatly appreciated.

What Say You? ~ Part 2

Also stitched into the quilt is a ribbon that indicates that the Third Annual Re-Union of Madison County Soldiers and Sailors’ Veteran Association was held in Collinsville, Illinois on September 20 and 21, 1890. This is before the Veterans of Foreign Wars or the American Legion were established. If you have any information that you can share or any memorabilia that you are willing to tell stories about, it would be appreciated.

What Say You? ~ Part 1

Recently, Lavadna received a package from Oregon. In it was a quilt that was being returned to Collinsville because it had apparently been made in Collinsville. Lavadna has been in communication with the person who sent the quilt; however, we are looking to you to see if any additional information can be provided about what is in the quilt. The quilt is a Victorian era quilt, late 1800s early 1900s. It’s a pieced quilt, meaning pieces and scraps of fabric were stitched (pieced) together to create it. A number of printed ribbons are also sewn into the quilt, and this is what identifies it to Collinsville, Illinois. Some ribbons are worn to the point where the wording cannot be identified; but

It's Curtains! ~

Recently, Lavadna Hines, president of the Friends of the Collins House, and Friends/ Collinsville Garden Club member, Trisha Haislar, volunteered to take on the window covering project. Although it is nice to be able to see into the house, especially of an evening, the sunlight that filters in poses a threat to the furnishings and could be detrimental to the furniture and upholstery fabrics. So it was recommended that period appropriate curtains be made for the windows. Also, due to the original location of the D.D. Collins House, we know that the house when originally built, would have had window overings, if for no other reason than for privacy. The living room parlor looks beautiful with

What a Difference Two Years Make! ~

When the Collins House was on the Holiday House Tour, and it looked like this! A few greens decorated the mantles of the fireplaces in the dining room and living room parlors. Both were in need of a whole lot of attention. We are excited to see what this Christmas season has in store for those fireplaces. We shall know on December 3, 2016. Don’t miss it. The wall in the kitchen where the sink would eventually be located offered some hope. Not so much when the other kitchen wall was looked at. But we've come a long way in the past year. Join us to see how the D.D. Collins House would have been decorated in the late 1840s.

A visit from world-renowned artist ~

The Friends of the D.D. Collins House was excited to have world renowned artist, Patricia Buckley Moss, visit the historic D.D. Collins House on September 29, 2016. Moss painted an image of Collinsville that included the historic D.D. Collins House, the Memorial Statue at City Hall, and the Beidler Hotel entitled “Echoes of the Past” that was released at an the art show that weekend. Mark Badasch resurrected his role as Daniel Dove Collins, and greeted Pat and guests as they arrived. Trisha Haislar, in the background, washed all the windows and helped ready the house for the event. Pat Moss and Bill Iseminger, chairman of the Historic Preservation Commission and member of the Friends of the

D.D. Collins house decorated for the holidays ~

Take a step back in time to discover and learn about holiday traditions that were born in an era that carry through to our modern day customs. The D.D. Collins House will be simply and modestly decorated in the tradition of the late 1840s and early 1850s era Christmas and filled with the fragrances of the season.

The D.D. Collins House featured in P Buckley Moss print ~

The Art Loft Gallery, Ltd. introduced a new giclee, "Echoes of the Past", by world renowned artist, Patricia Buckley Moss. "Echoes of the Past" features three historic landmarks in Collinsville: The Daniel Dove Collins House, the Civil War Memorial Statue at City Hall, and the Beidler Hotel. A donation will be made by The Art Loft Gallery, Ltd. from the sale of each "Echoes of the Past" to the Friends of the D.D. Collins House, to be used to further enhance the gardens at the D.D. Collins House and to acquire appropriate period furnishings and accessories that will further educate and teach visitors about life in Collinsville in the mid-1800s customs.

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