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The chair from the Kinderhook School ~

Kinderhook Station had a little one-room school house named Kinderhook School. Mr. Mark Henson, a school teacher from eastern Illinois, was married to Pattie Collins, the daughter of Daniel Dove and Elizabeth Collins, and he was the master of the Kinderhook School, which today would be located at or near Granite City, Illinois. Now Mr. Henson and his wife had a daughter, Florine Henson Bowker (1883-1974), and she has a story to tell about an incident that happened one day at the Kinder Hook School. Here, in her own words, is the story that she told when she shared her story in the historic Glenwood Cemetery at Gentle Voices Calling, a reenactment pageant of Collinsville’s history: Click the

Tatting at the D.D. Collins House ~

Sandee Kane talks about the art of tatting, a form of lace-making, at the First Annual Christmas Gathering at the D.D. Collins House. Sandee

Thank You, Paula ~

The Friends of the D.D. Collins House has recently received a donation of a beautiful, mid-1800s antique dresser with three full-size drawers and two glove drawers. The glove drawers sit on a marble surface separated with a positional, rectangular-shaped mirror. The dresser is further enhanced with carved details including carved wood drawer pulls. Click the image for the rest of the story . . .

The Congressman Pays a Visit

Thought you might enjoy seeing photos of the Congressman and his family. They recently visited the D.D. Collins House. We appreciate the t

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