The Edwardsville Garden Club Visit ~

May 29, 2019

was simply delightful . . .

The Edwardsville Garden Club ~ circa May 18, 2019


Glorious Gardeners


 The gardeners visited on a rainy spring day

and toured our grounds on the 18th of May . . .

Bees were busy buzzing about,

pollinating the flowers on their floral route . . .

The gardeners remarked, as they commonly do,

about the blooms that annually appear right on cue . . .

Our path of old brick and cobbled stone

was filled with laughter and a flowery cologne . . .

We're certain that D.D. and Elizabeth watched from above

for their own garden was surely tended with love . . .

This old house was built in 1845 back when

gardening was shared with all the community's kin . . .

We extend our gratitude for time well spent

with The Edwardsville Garden Club, surely heaven sent.



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