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1837 to 1993

Ownership of Lot 6 Block 1 of the Town of Collinsville, Illinois:

Lot 6 Block 1 was located on the Northeast corner of the intersection of “Main Street” and “Center Street” (where Bert’s Chuck Wagon is currently located - circa 2021).


Plat of Collinsville was executed by Elizabeth W. Collins, on her behalf as widow of William B. Collins, Deceased, and as guardian of the heirs of William B. Collins.

Elizabeth W. Collins as guardian of the heirs of William B. Collins executed a Warranty Deed conveying Lot 6 Block 1 to Daniel Dove Collins.


1845 - 1849

Daniel Dove Collins builds house for his bride, Elizabeth C. (Anderson) Collins, and future child or children.

Danield Dove (D.D.) Collins of Collinsville, Illinois
Elizabeth C. (Anderson) Collins portrait, Collinsville, Illinois
D.D. Collins House Collinsville Illinois priort to restoration.png

D.D. Collins

Photo of D.D. Collins House prior to restoration.

Elizabeth C. 

(Anderson) Collins

1849 - 1856

Levi Lancaster and Frances Lancaster were owners.


Joseph Lemen, Jr. and Caroline Lemen were owners.

Lemen Family History Cover.jpg

"History of the Lemen Family," published in 1893 by Frank B. Lemen of Collinsville, Illinois mentions Joseph Lemen, Jr. and Levi Lancaster in his book and features many historical figures of the time. The book is from compliments of Brigham Young University of Provo, Utah.

Click image above to read a PDF of the entire book.

1856 - 1860

Andrew Edwards was purchasing the property.


A foreclosure proceeding was brought against Andrew Edwards by Joseph Lemen, Jr.


Pursuant to the foreclosure proceedings, the Court authorized the Master in Chancery to execute a Master’s Deed conveying all interest in the property to Joseph Lemen, Jr.

1861 - 1887

Oliver Chhilds Look and Catherine Jane Beedle.png

Oliver Childs Look  and Catherine (Kate) Jane Look

Oliver C. Look and Kate J. Look owned the property and lived in the house along with their children:

 Arthur W. Look,

Horace Hunter Look,

Emma Kate (Look) Combs,

Mary (Look) Dilliard, and

Florence (Look) Seaman

Kate Florence Mary Look.png

Kate Look and her three daughters: Kate, Florence, and Mary -

photo taken September 21, 1891.


James I. Dilliard was the owner of the property.


James I. Dilliard sold the property to Charles Gindler and Mary Gindler.


 Charles and Mary Gindler sold the property to State Bank of Collinsville.

State Bank and Main Str. Collinsville Illinois

This old postcard of Collinsville depicts the original State Bank building, which was located at the northeast corner of Main and Center Streets. Notice that the entrance to the building is angled toward the corner. The architectural details of the building are beautiful. It is also interesting to note: the Bull Durham sign as well as the street car and tracks running down the middle of Main Street.

Post card of new State Bank in Collinsville, Illinois after 1916

Postcard of the new State Bank building, Collinsville, Illinois after 1916.

Main Street business district-2.png

Another view of Main Street after 1916.

The new State Bank was built across the street from its original location. Its beautiful, strong columns make it quite visible on this postcard rendering. Also note there are three modes of transportation shown here: horse-drawn carriages/ buggies, automobiles, and trolly car tracks. Also, a building has been built on the vacant property just past the original location of the bank; the Bull Durham sign is no longer visible and remained hidden until said building was later torn down in more recent times.

After State Bank purchased the property, the Collins House was moved from its original location at the northeast corner of Main and Center Streets to 621 West Main Street, Lot 15 Block 8 of Combs and Others Addition.

Ownership of Lot 15 Block 8 Combs and Others Addition,
new site for the house:


William S. Combs conveys Lot 15 Block 8 of Combs and Others Addition to Peter Kalina.

Peter Kalina and his wife, Mary Kalina, convey the property to Thomas Westmoreland.


B.G. Marcum, a widower, executed a Quit Claim Deed regarding Lots 15 and 16 of Combs and Others Addition to Zula Westmoreland. 

Thomas Westmoreland (5-27-1856 - 6-22-1897) died in a mining accident at Abbey No. 5 Mine. 


Westmoreland obit June 22. 1897.png

Obituary of Thomas Westmoreland dated June 22, 1897. Provided by Wayne's World of History and Genealogy. Click image above for zoomable PDF.

The Estate of Thomas Westmoreland was probated in Madison County, Illinois. In said probate, an order was entered authorizing the sale of the property by the Executrix, Zula Westmoreland, to B.G. Marcum on July 1, 1900.

Thereafter on July 31, 1900 B.G. Marcum, a widower, executed the Quit Claim Deed conveying property to Zula Westmoreland.


Zula Westmoreland, a widow, entered into a lease agreement with Henry F. Huffendick regarding the rental of the small store-room building, a 14 foot by 22 foot building, attached to the east side of 621 West Main Street building (the Collins House), with the rented building being 619 West Main Street for the purpose of operating a grocery store. The lease included use of the cellar under the residence.


Zula Westmoreland, a widow, conveyed Lot 15 Block 8 of Combs and Others Addition to Henry F. Huffendick.

1911 - 1912

City Directory records indicate that Sophie Schmitz was a tenant of 621 West Main St.


City Directory records indicate that William E. Bonn was a tenant of 621 West Main St.


Henry F. Huffendick and Lucille Huffendick conveyed the Lot 15 Block 8 of Combs and Others Addition to William E. Bonn.


William E. Bonn and Agnes E. Bonn executed a Quit Claim Deed to Sonja Krietemeyer to the property, and on the same date Sonja Krietemeyer executed a Quit Claim Deed back to William E. Bonn and Agnes E. Bonn, which placed the property into their names as joint tenant owners. William E. Bonn died on  April 22, 1975.


Agnes E. Bonn, a widower, executed a Quit Claim Deed to the property, placing the property in the names of Agnes E. Bonn and Fred J. Meurer as joint tenants.


Agnes E. Bonn and Fred J. Meurer entered into a real estate contract to sell the property to Irving Dilliard, who wanted to donate the property the the City of Collinsville to preserve the historically significant property.



Irving Dilliard and the City of Collinsville entered into a Gift Contract regarding the property and adopted Ordinance No. 2882.

Agnes E. Bonn and Fred J. Meurer executed a Warranty Deed to the City of Collinsville.

Irving's Installments.jpeg

Irving Dilliard

Credits :

A big thank you to Paul Welch for his time and effort in researching the lineage of the

D.D. Collins House, both ownership and tenancy, from the time the house was built to present day.  

It has taken a great deal of time to research, which has included examining old deeds in the Recorder's Office as well as abstracts of title to the property, reading old newspaper accounts, and reviewing year by year, the old city directories. 

Photos of the Collins house courtesy of Lois Metzger


Photos of the Look family courtesy of Mary Sue Schusky

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