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Autumn Work Day ~ 

Autumn Work Day with Boy Scout Troop 1093 . . .

Saturday, October 14, 2017 was a work day at the Collins House. Trisha Haislar, Sarah Wilkerson and Boy Scout Troop 93 replaced all of the hollies that had been along the front fence with boxwoods. The hollies were transplanted to the back of the house for winter, and will be transplanted again in the spring to landscape other areas of the grounds. A big job that took lots of hands.


We value the help that the Boy Scouts gave and appreciate their efforts in making the Collins House a special landmark.

Digging up and removing the holly bushes… and digging, and digging.

This is hard work

A perfect winter holding spot.

Replanting the holly bushes in a temporary home for winter

Nothin’ easy about this job.

Having fun digging in the dirt.

Green Velvet Boxwood being planted.

Dig, dig, dig.

Clean-up time. 

Great job done by all.

Pretty boxwoods all in a row!


Photos by Trisha Haislar and Sarah Wilkerson

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