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Going, Going . . .

Almost Gone

This ornament of the D.D. Collins House was created several years ago before the restoration work on the house had begun.


The photograph of the house, one of several used to create the ornament, shows just how much wear and tear the house had undergone after 150 years of use.


The windows had not yet been restored as they do not have the 6-pane double sashes; also note even the shutters are not in place.


Proceeds from the sale of the remaining ornaments will continue to benefit the D.D. Collins House with the acquisition of period appropriate accessories and the ongoing development of the educational gardens.


Be aware: only a very few ornaments remain and will be available for sale by the Friends of the D.D. Collins House at the “First Annual Christmas Gathering at the D.D. Collins House” on Saturday, December 3, 2016.

Phone:  Call Lavadna at 618.420.0288         

Mail: c/o 104 Irene Dr., Collinsville, IL 62234 

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