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Some newspaper clippings about the D.D. Collins House

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1st Mayor Article

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Anna Jester newspaper articles ~
Anna Jester Personal Interview
Personal Interview ~

Our thanks to Lois Metzger for providing these articles.  A partial transcript is below the article.

--Thursday, October 19, 1978 Collinsville Herald

Anna Jester's personal sketch of Collinsville as it was 100 years ago

          In the papers of his aunt, Mrs. Jeanette Surber, now in Dirksen House Convalescent Home in Springfield, Ill., pharmacist James Ostle found an intensely personal history of Collinsville written long-hand by the late Mrs. Anna Jester, dated November 13, 1942.

          In it, she tried to stretch her memory back to her childhood and youth and tell what Collinsville was like then:

          THIS IS what I can recall of the city of Collinsville 65 years or more ago.

          I sat down here and studied and planned and figured until I could write this past history for you of this city we all love . . .

          Have you forgotten the Look home that was moved from here where the Rodgers (Will Rogers)Theater now stands, it down by the dress factory. Those big posts were on his house.

Plank Road Jester
Personal Interview About the Plank Road dated November 16, 1978 ~

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Plank road in Columbia, Missouri

Eads Bridge illustration, ca. 1874

Reference to the D.D. Collins House ~
1940 DD C.H. ARTICLE_2.jpg

The following article, which appeared in the Collinsville Herald on October 18, 1940, made reference to the D.D. Collins House.

Article submitted by Mary Sue Schusky.

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