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Carolyn's mid-June Garden Stroll ~

These photos were taken by Carolyn Welch in mid-June of 2018 when the veggies and flowers were just getting started.

Mid-June 2018 - how our garden grows . . .

It's always fun to watch a garden timeline from sowing to harvest.

Thank you Carolyn, for sharing your garden stroll with us!

Vegetables and crops . . .
Compost gardens at Collins House.jpg

Compost gave our garden a healthy start ~

Behind the Shed.jpg

Behind the shed, our garden grows . . .

Garden 1.jpg

a plethora of veggies in many rows.

Garden 2.jpg

Tomatoes  staked, each with loving care . . .

Garden 3.jpg

in anticipation of a grand harvest later this year.

Onions 6.18.jpg

Onions stand as sentries along the edge . . .

Veggies in a Row.jpg

in a perfectly orchestrated vegetable garden bed!

Flowers along the path . . .
Holly Bushes by drying shed.jpg

Holly bushes all nestled in . . .

Flowers 2.jpg

Sunflowers behind, tower already tall . . .

East of Drying Shed.jpg

with the start of zinnias east of the shed used for drying.

Wishing Well.jpg

and more flowers by our wishing well.

Collins Park gardens.jpg

The path well-groomed, to Collins Park it leads . . .

Z pink beauty.jpg

Close-ups of what once began as mere seeds . . .

Z Red.jpg

every color you can possibly imagine . . .

Z Orange Beauty.jpg

flourishes in our beautiful D.D. Collins House gardens!

Have you explored our garden page? 
The history of our vegetables are sure to amaze.  Just click the bunny to explore how he spends his days . . .

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