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Curtains Are Hung!

Recently, Lavadna Hines, president of the Friends of the Collins House, and Friends/ Collinsville Garden Club member, Trisha Haislar, volunteered to take on the window covering project.


Although it is nice to be able to see into the house, especially of an evening, the sunlight that filters in poses a threat to the furnishings and could be detrimental to the furniture and upholstery fabrics. So it was recommended that period appropriate curtains be made for the windows. Also, due to the original location of the D.D. Collins House, we know that the house when originally built, would have had window coverings, if for no other reason than for privacy.


Lavadna and Trisha researched the archives to learn about the type of curtains that would have been used in the late 1840s to early 1850s. Original fabric that would have been in a good enough condition to use for all of the windows was not available, so they decided to use a light-weight cotton that has all of the appearance of muslin. Washable and easy care also benefitted this project.


Trisha was in charge of measuring the windows and sewing the curtains. No easy trick because although all of the windows appear to be the same size, when measured each window is its own size. But Trisha met the challenge and proceeded to make the curtains.

The living room parlor looks beautiful with the curtains in place. The photos clearly show how the corner of the fabric is raised to allow the curtain to be open. Now the furnishings are protected from the strong sunlight that filters in, especially from the west.

After Trisha finished hanging the curtains in the dining room parlor, she returned the spinning wheel to its rightful location. It looks great.

Trisha also worked her magic on the bedroom windows and the kitchen window.

As can be seen in the photos taken by Friends member, Lois Metzger, the curtains add a finishing touch to the windows and give the rooms a softness and homey feel.


Be sure to watch for the hanging of the greens that will soon be taking place as the Friends of the D.D. Collins House prepares for the First Annual Christmas Gathering at the D.D. Collins House on Saturday, December 3, 2016.

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Mail: c/o 104 Irene Dr., Collinsville, IL 62234 

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