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C. Stillman Inkwell and Quill Pens

Circa 1840s

The “newest” antique acquisitions to be added to the Collins House smalls collection include a C. Stillman inkwell and quill pens.


This inkwell, circa 1840s, was created by the C. Stillman Co. of Chester, CT.

DDCH Smalls set.jpg
Ink 1.jpg




  1. small domestic wooden objects, especially antiques.

The inkwell, considered a small, is also known as a treen.


Pursuant to the British dictionary, a treen is any useful object carved from wood. Often times these objects were carved from the burls or growths of a tree.

This inkwell has two glass holders for the ink, both of which are in tact, and has 5 holes to hold quill pens.

Well top.jpg

The bottom side no longer has a label.

In the later part of the 1800s, a new type of dip pen was introduced and used well into the Victorian Era, early 1900s.

Ped box.jpg

The donation of this Mother of Pearl handled dip pen is a beautiful example of the dip pens that followed quill pens. This pen also has the nib.

Pen set in box.jpg

Also housed within the case is a wood handled pen; however it no longer has the nib.


"Oh, nature's noblest gift, my grey goose quill, Slave of my thoughts, obedient to my will, Torn from the parent bird to form a pen, That mighty instrument of little men."

~ Lord Byron

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