Lois and Vicki Visit Our Garden ~

We are very grateful to our prolific photographer, Lois Metzger for taking so many precious photos. This album features photos taken by both Lois and Vicki Borror with Lois' iPad (isn't technology great!)  And, yes, if you look closely, even the sunflower is smiling ~

Thank you so much you two!

Mid-July 2018 - how our garden grows . . .

Sunflowers are the official garden greeters.

Sunflowers framed in broom corn.

Broom corn high as an elephant's eye!

Tomatoes and veggies all in a row.

A rustic fence stage for our vines of produce.

Zinnias and Black-eyed Susan flowers beautify our well house.

Zinnias, a color explosion!

Do you know the story of the zinnia? 
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