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An Early Summer Stroll of the Grounds

Late June and early July in 2021 . . .
D.D. Collins House view from Combs Street, Collinsville, IL

A view of the house from Combs Street.

Even on a cloudy day, the Johnny Appleseed tree looks beautiful.  It grows stronger by the day.

Johnny Appleseed Tree at D.D. Collins House in Collinsville, Illinois 2021
D.D. Collins House garden view from W Main Street, Collinsville, IL

A view of the garden from West Main Street.

Photo taken June 2, 2021 of vegetable and herb garden at the D.D. Collins House Collinsville, Illinois

This photo was taken on June 2, 2021. The vegetable and herb gardens had been planted, and the boy scouts helped create the tomato supports.

June 2021 photo of garden at D.D. Collins House, Collinsville, Illinois.

A close-up of the young garden.

Herb garden D.D. Collins House early June 2021

The herb garden in early June, 2021.

D.D. Collins House herb garden July 2021

Just one month later and the garden is going strong!

Corn, tomatoes and a lone marigold in garden at D.D. Collins House July 2021

The corn is looking great and the tomatoes are looking strong.  Looks like a bumper crop in the near future.  

Can you see what appears to be a lone marigold?  


Take a peek over the fence for a west view towards the house of a healthy garden. They would have been proud of this garden in the mid-1800s and anticipated a bountiful fall harvest.

Photos taken by Paul Welch

 June/July 2021.

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