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September ~ 2023

Summer comes to an end . . .

Raised garden containers were added to the Collins Park Plaza in the late spring and thanks to the hard work of Collinsville Garden Club volunteers, the flowers are a wonderful display.


Cockscomb add a bright splash of red amid various shades of green in the other garden favorites of yesteryear and today.


A "before" photo taken  by Paul Welch in March 2023 of the raised container project.


An "after" photo showing the raised container garden in full bloom in September, 2023.

A special thank you to Sarah for supervising the Eagle Scout project back in March and making it bloom so beautifully.


The old-time garden favorites of cosmos, cockscombs, and lambs ear bring nature up close and personal for all who stroll through the Collins Park plaza.


Of course, we can't forget our wonderful vegetable garden that produced a plentiful harvest this year.

Once again, a big thank you to the Collinsville Garden Club for their continuing hard work and addition of beauty for the D.D. Collins House.

Photos taken by Paul Welch, September, 2023.

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