1840 Wisdom, Humor, and Forecasts ~

July 7, 2017

A little research, a lot of luck, and, by cracky, we've come across an archive (via archive.org) that you can bet your boots D.D. Collins very likely read for entertainment and maybe even referenced from time to time as it is entitled, "The Illinois Farmer's Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge, For The Year 1840." 


Here is the cover and the page for July 1840 ~


Click  either photo to see a PDF you can zoom as large as you desire to read the actual archive and enjoy the rage of the day circa 1840. 



More pages will be published each week and the entire almanac will be available soon. If you read the page above, you'll soon see their philosophy and humor was a little more stoic than that of today. Also notice the historical data in the right column under, "Remarkable Days, Weather, etc."


Thanks to archive.com for making historical data available to the public and to Knox College for contributing the almanac.




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