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Collinsville Woman’s Club…

recently visited the Collins House… and had a wonderful time learning about a piece of our city’s history and seeing the antiques that fill the house. Ladies explore the dining room of the Collins House. Lavadna talks about the many furnishings in the kitchen including the Tuthill chairs and jelly cabinet, which had been left in the house by a previous owner and found in the basement. photos by Lois Metzger ​

utterly speechless, songless, whistleless…

As a college student I decided one day that it was time for me to memorize a poem. So quite quickly I learned the Ogden Nash poem, The Duck: Behold the duck - It does not cluck - A cluck it lacks - It quacks. Quite remarkably I have quoted that poem almost every week since that fateful day many moons ago, and at my age that is beginning to be a lot of weeks. Learning that poem went so well, I thought it time to memorize another Nash poem - this time The caterpillar. Little did I know back then that The caterpillar would play such a significant role with the Collins House. If you have visited the historic house recently, you noticed that walking from the parking lot to the back door is like

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