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  • Carolyn Welch

Old-time Cures for Cabin Fever: Part 1 ~

We'll not call it a medicinal cure per se, but a contribution to add to a growing list of ways to while away the hours when "stuck" at home (good medicine for young and old alike).

Although we're closed for a short while,

we can still have fun as we sit out for a spell . . .

What did they do way back then;

when cabin bound, to have a laugh and bring a grin?

Click the image for a PDF or our Let's Garden coloring page!

Perhaps they planned their gardens for spring,

did some chores and furniture polishing . . .

Keeping children busy could have been,

the spark behind a new invention . . .

Do you know what happened in 1902?

A"sprout" of colors came on the scene, 'tis true . .

Crayola brand crayons were invented,

based on an idea a teacher presented . . .

Edward Binney's wife, Alice was a school teacher;

she suggested he and Mr. Smith should perhaps manufacture . . .

An inexpensive alternative to the crayons imported from Europe,

the birthplace of the little wax sticks so easy to clean-up . . .

Originally made simply of just charcoal and oil,

then powdered pigments of color were added to make them,

oh so swell . . .

They soared in popularity; that's for certain,

when wax replaced oil to make them sturdier and

easy to keep in a tin . . .

Antique early 1900's Crayola crayon tin.

That popular Crayola brand was invented in 1902,

and marketed in 1903, that is absolutely true . . .

A mathematical puzzle for those who dare ~

How many crayons a day are made to make about three billion a year?

Antique early Crayola crayon box.

The name, thanks to Alice's brilliant mind, created from,

the French word, "craie," meaning stick of chalk, it did come . . .

Then add the "ola" from "oleaginous" or oily;

now Crayola brand has celebrated their 117th anniversary!

Click the coloring page above, print it out and do something you love!

Don't forget to see some more fun things to do,

and maybe even learn a new thing or two!

Just click the crayon pack above,

to visit our Child's Play page, "Now, children, don't shove!"

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