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Dredging Into the Past ~

In a recent article that was written for the website, I shared information that was found while doing research on D.D. Collins, regarding a bridge over Cahokia Canal. D.D. Collins constructed a wood bridge over the canal; then in 1892 his son, who had become highway commissioner, constructed the replacement bridge - this time made of iron. Lannie Altenberger recently paid a visit to the gallery to give information to me on Paul’s father, Mathew L. Welch, who was running for judgeship in Madison County in 1926. Lannie and I talked for a bit when we began talking about the Collins House. I mentioned that Collins had built a bridge over the Cahokia Canal; and Lannie said he had photos of a dred

A Little More On a Bridge to the Past ~

It's Throw Back Thursday, so we cross a bridge to the past. Isn't it an interesting thing, what surprises a quiet Sunday drive may bring? . . . Traveling along fields and byways, country roads and Illinois highways . . . Not so far from here to there, the bridge D.D. built becomes more clear . . . Do you recognize this bit of road? For we near the bridge of which the story is told. Aerial View Down Hwy 162 ​ Google Aerial image of Hwy 162 near Glen Carbon, Illinois Click image for zoomable PDF. Let's take a closer look . . . Zoom, Zoom, Zoom Map details provided by Paul Welch. Click image for zoomable PDF. 1892 Map of Collinsville Township 3 North, Range 8 West Map details provided by Paul W

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