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'Twas A Day in October (Part 3) ~

Ann sang, "Loop, loop, loop," a melodious refrain! She whistled, and smiled, and called each by name: "Now, Phyllis! Now, Lavadna! I'll not forget Sheri! On Angela! On Rhonda! Your rugs look so merry!" To the top of the hook! To the top of the awl! Now hook away! Hook away! Hook away, all!" As leaves that before the wild hurricane fly, Pieces of fabrics looped in and out, through and through, by and by; Each planned their designs, mighty and true; Primitive and simple, beautiful, too. This one is Ann's; wonder what it will be; When it's finished, it's one we'd all love to see. Some commemorate a special event; This story rug is about a very special gent, Her grandmother recalls the bright bl

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