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Winter Hiatus Reminder ~

A little reminder that winter is here, A break we'll take 'til the weather is clear ; So closed we'll be for just a few weeks, when March reigns in weather less bleak . . . Keep in mind, during this time; A personal tour can be arranged, with Lavadna Hines (618.420.0288).

Not Just Any Shelf ~

Step back in time to long ago, when trees were harvested from shore to shore; Horses were still used to haul the load, of logs along the old plank road . . . Wood was hand-hewn with love and care, to build a home for D.D.'s love, Elizabeth, his dear; Lumber used way back then, reclaimed and made use of once again . . . Step forward, now . . . to present day, and admire skills that are never passe; This fellow's name is John Galvin, a member and contractor of the Friends commune . . . A shelf he made from that wood so old, to display smalls, considered 1840's gold; Do you see how cleverly done, this shelf is in our humble kitchen? . . . Look closely now, as John did, too, the shelf placed pe

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