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What Could They Have Been? ~

Conversations Around the Dinner Table It began with a photo of the dining room at the Collins House and thoughts of conversations the judge and the missus may have had amongst themselves and their children or Sunday guests. In today's world we anxiously await a new movie release and perhaps a new novel from a favorite author. Click image above to read the rest of the story . . . or could it be stories?

August 3rd is ~

National Watermelon Day! "When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what the angels eat." ~Mark Twain Click image above to visit our historical tribute to watermelons. Shall we celebrate? for the melon in the patch is oh so great . . . Bold green and striped on the outside; ruby pink and juicy within that rind . . . Let's go have some, right this very moment; the lure to sweet goodness is very potent . . . Another treat for those who are wee (no pun intended) click this melon with the seed . . . To Child's Play you will magically be swept; for that's where a coloring melon is kept . . . Just click and print that Watermelon Button; to see what you child will color is really somethin'!

August is Upon Us ~

Back in 1861, August was known as "cucumber time" ~ "In the last analysis, a pickle is a cucumber with experience." ~Irena Chalmers While some may, and some may not enjoy the cucumber, that lowly sprout . . . But in the garden it has grown, for over 3,000 years; my how time has flown. . . . A mini-tribute we shall pay, for August 2nd is National Coloring Book Day . . . Just click the wee girl above, or the this cucumber image that I love . . . Scroll down, down, down, till you see the button by the cucumber to solve the mystery . . . Click and print the coloring page, sure fun for most any age!

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