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Feathers, Feathers . . .

. . . everywhere. Ann Badasch and Terry Falline volunteered to make the feather mattress for the Eckart family bed, which was donated to the Friends of the D.D. Collins House by Karen Langely and her family. This bed is a bit smaller than the full size bed that has recently been on display in the room. The Problem ~ How to get the feathers from here to there? Ah, ha! This is not Terry's first experience with stuffing a mattress. The answer? A Falline Feather Funnel designed by none other than Terry. He's giving serious thought to having his Falline Feather Funnel creation patented. Ann loves using the funnel. Please be advised that she is not molting. When she got home, she disrobed in th

The Historical Marker ~

Is up . . . Photo taken by Carolyn Welch November 21, 2019. Be sure to attend the dedication on Saturday at 1:00. Stay for refreshments and plan to check out the newly acquired antiques. Click here to read about the dedication ceremony.

Lincoln Land Community College Visit ~

Lincoln Land Community College from Springfield, Illinois, arranged for approximately 40 guests to visit the Collins House on September 18th. The group was divided in half - with one half visiting the Collins House while the other visited the museum; then they reversed. Lavadna and Lois were on hand to serve as docents at the Collins House . . . The first group waits in line to go from the dining room into the kitchen. One of the guests enjoyed looking at the antique globe situated in the living room parlor. They listen attentively as Lavadna talks about the antique acquisitions. Two guests talk with Lois, who explains about the gardens, how they are maintained by the Collinsville Garden Clu

The Walkway ~

The walkway to the historical marker is now complete. Photo taken by Carolyn Welch November 20, 2019. Click here to read about the dedication ceremony.

Pole Is Set As We Prepare ~

Step by step the historical marker is going up. Photo taken by Paul Welch November 19, 2019. The post is in place; and the salvaged bricks are being put into place so that one can walk up to the marker for easier reading. Click here to read about the dedication ceremony.

Illinois State Historical Society Marker Dedication~

The Illinois State Historical Society marker program was designed to recognize sites of statewide and national significance to increase public awareness and appreciation of our state's rich historical legacy. Since 1934 the ISHS, which has erected more than 500 historical markers statewide, works with communities to coordinate the placement and management of said markers throughout the State of Illinois. A number of local individuals, groups and organizations worked with the members of the Illinois State Historical Society to make this recognition happen, including but not limited to: Mary Sue Schusky, William Iseminger and other members of the Collinsville Historic Preservation Commissio

Sharing with the Collinsville Rotary Club~

On Tuesday, October 29, 2019 Lois and Lavadna were invited to attend the Collinsville Rotary Club . . . Lavadna Hines talks about the antique Raggedy Ann doll. Lavadna talked about some of the antique toys that will be featured at the Collins House during this Christmas season. The bedroom will be decorated for Christmas with a tree and featured will be toys from a variety of decades. This display will give a glimpse into the past to see what children woke up to on Christmas morning. Photos taken by Lois Metzger.

Twenty-two Came to See ~

An eighth grade September field trip to the D.D. Collins House . . . "History is not a burden on the memory but an illumination of the soul." ~ Lord Acton (1834-1902) Scholarly Visitors They came from far and wide, that they did, for higher learning was their bid . . . Stepping back into the past, the ultimate mission of this middle school class . . . Lois Metzger shared a plethora of knowledge; these young folk attended a D.D. Collins House college . . . Lavadna Hines was there as well; our two historians rang the classroom bell . . . Life in the 1800s was the topic; learning about antiques can be hypnotic . . . They're entranced by life and events back then; before technology became the t

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