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  • Carolyn Welch

Feathers, Feathers . . .

. . . everywhere. Ann Badasch and Terry Falline volunteered to make the feather mattress for the Eckart family bed, which was donated to the Friends of the D.D. Collins House by Karen Langely and her family. This bed is a bit smaller than the full size bed that has recently been on display in the room.

The Problem ~

How to get the feathers from here to there?

Ah, ha!

This is not Terry's first experience with stuffing a mattress.

The answer?

A Falline Feather Funnel designed by none other than Terry. He's giving serious thought to having his Falline Feather Funnel creation patented.

Ann loves using the funnel. Please be advised that she is not molting. When she got home, she disrobed in the garage. After showering and sitting in her craft room, feathers continued to fly around her.

Somehow . . .

The bed project turned into a family affair. Terry's sister, Sherry Barnish (also a volunteer at the museum) did the roping of the Eckart bed. Tighter, tighter, Sherry.

Almost done . . .

With the feathers all tucked into the mattress, Terry begins to fluff. And fluff

A tug here and a tug there, and he's almost got it.

All done.

The made-up bed allows you to see the roping, the feather mattress, and the period appropriate quilt. A sample of the roping is available for visitors to feel the rope and examine it's strength.

And once again, we are reminded of the "good night" prayer:

Good night.

Sleep tight. (In reference to the tautness of the rope to give good support for a good night's rest.)

Don't let the bed bugs bite. (In reference to the bug-riddled cornhusks used to stuff the pillows. At this time, we have chosen to not bring bugs into the house.)

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