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The Wreath Making Lesson~

Fresh Wreath Making 101 at the Collins House in early December was so much fun and the end results were stunning. The class was taught by Trisha Haislar, AFID. Ann Badasch wears her favorite "projects apron" - whether she's quilting, hooking rugs or making wreaths, this is her go-to apron. Austin Welch was a great help. He spent the time making the boxwood clippings that his gramma, Carolyn, and his mom, Rachel, used to create their beautiful wreaths. Everyone's hands were busy. Shelley Blumberg and Vicki Borror try to get a bit of perspective on their projects. Lavadna’s been framed. Some of the finished masterpieces ~ What's fun about the fresh boxwood wreath is that it will last outdoors

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