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Summer Wanes ~

Folks from days gone by grew weary of the summer heat and anticipated the arrival of autumn -- and philosophized the character of humanity ~ SECRET PHILOSOPHY ~ "None are so fond of secrets, as those who do not mean to keep them; such persons covet secrets as a spendthrift covets money for the purpose of circulation." ~Unknown Excerpt from The Illinois Farmer's Almanac September ~ 1840 ILLINOIS FARMER'S ALMANAC SEPTEMBER~ 1840 Click image to see a PDF of this page from the 1840 edition of "The Illinois Farmer's Almanac" you can zoom as large as you desire. AUGUST remembered ~ "Memory believes before knowing remembers." ~William Faulkner "Light in August" Next, the Old Farmer's Almanac(k)s

Congrats to the Collinsville Garden Club!!~

recently recognized with two awards for work done at the historic D.D. Collins House . . . These hard working members of the Collinsville Garden Club are proud to show off the awards, which they so deservedly received. The club received a First Place Award - Historic Preservation - Historic Holiday Decoration given by the Garden Clubs of Illinois. The second honor was a First Place Award given by National and was received for Historic Preservation For Tasteful, Distinctive Holiday Decorations in a Historic Building. Photographs by Lois Metzger

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