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What's in a name?~

The Feverfew is coming up. So do what your Mum says, and check it out . . . visit our Herbs page to learn more by clicking the Feverfew below ~

We have the Number One perennial ~

Hostas are in the process of being planted on the back side of the Collins House, the north side, where they should thrive in the shade. A big thank you to Trisha Haisler and her team of Master Gardeners and members of the Collinsville Garden Club, who have taken on the gardening projects. The grounds are looking lovely as spring temperatures are taking hold. Trisha's dedication, as well as that of her team, is appreciated. We can hardly wait to see the gardens grow and produce an abundance of produce. visit our Flower page to learn more by clicking the hosta below ~

April came in like a . . . Lamb's Ear ~

Trisha took advantage of our wonderful week of weather for planting with the addition of Lamb's Ear in the garden that runs along side the outhouse. Lamb's Ear adds a soft, velvety garden interest, and a little more . . . visit our Flower page to learn more by clicking the fuzzy leaf ~

Gardener's Delight Piled High ~

What on earth is that? Well, it's Black Gold, not Texas Tea . . . but darn near the best compost on the planet. Can anyone besides a gardener or a garden aficionado get excited by a . . . truckload of beautiful compost just in time for Garden Work Day?

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