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  • Carolyn Welch

Our Smalls Collection Now Has A Charger . . .

We've had the good fortune to add this charger to our smalls collection.

Charger plates are also known as service plates and are used to not only dress up special event dinners, but also to protect a table or linens. Food is not served on charger plates, which may also be referred to as underplates or chop plates.

The word "charger" originated around 1275–1325 from the Middle English "chargeour". It's interesting to note that this one has been engraved with the initials L.A.C.

This charger plate measures approximately 13 3/4 inches and dates to the mid-1800s. No hallmark could be detected possibly because the bottom shows a great deal of wear from use.

Photos of the charger were taken by Paul Welch on October 23, 2023.


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