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  • Carolyn Welch

Domed Warmers in Our Treasure Trove . . .

They kept food warm and protected while the family gathered to eat. It is our good fortune to add these to our collection . . .

Perhaps a similar setting D.D. and Mrs. Collins sat down to for their evening meal.

This pewter meat/food dome, circa post-1835, is hallmarked James Dixon and Sons, popular makers of Sheffield.

It’s melon shape was a popular design and quite typical of the era.

Research indicates that this dome was post-1835 because the hallmark “sons” is plural. Had the hallmark been singular this cover would have been dated pre-1835.

Next we'll take a closer look at our new addition, a warmer meat dish.

The 3 piece Warmer Meat Dish is a real find. Created by James Dixon and Sons, the domed warmer dates 1851-1870 and would have been a typical piece used in the Collins House.

There are four wooden bun-shaped feet on the reservoir to elevate from the table.

The reservoir would have been filled with hot water. The tray, which held the meat, would have been placed on top of the reservoir, and finally the lid would have been set in place.

Oh the conversations these domes must have witnessed through time.

Photos taken by Paul Welch on October 23, 2023.


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