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Not Just Any Shelf ~

January 4, 2019

Step back in time to long ago, 

when trees were harvested from shore to shore;

Horses were still used to haul the load,

of logs along the old plank road . . .

Wood was hand-hewn with love and care,

to build a home for D.D.'s love, Elizabeth, his dear;

Lumber used way back then,

reclaimed and made use of once again . . .

Step forward, now . . .  to present day,

and admire skills that are never passe;

This fellow's name is John Galvin,

a member and contractor of the Friends commune . . . 

A shelf he made from that wood so old,

to display smalls, considered 1840's gold;

Do you see how cleverly done,

this shelf is in our humble kitchen? . . .

Look closely now, as John did, too,

the shelf placed perfectly aligned, and not askew;

Right under the wall sconce snug and tight,

it appears to sit on the shelf ~ our lamp of light . . .

Grateful and thankful we are and continue to be,

for John completed this before the Lighting of the Christmas tree;

Because of him we now have a very special space,

to display the treasures that tell the story of this historical place.


What have we here? Do you see?

John has a helper, glory be . . .

This little guy makes his rounds,

never know on whose shoulder he can be found!



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