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What Say You? ~ Part 1

Recently, Lavadna received a package from Oregon. In it was a quilt that was being returned to Collinsville because it had apparently been made in Collinsville. Lavadna has been in communication with the person who sent the quilt; however, we are looking to you to see if any additional information can be provided about what is in the quilt.

The quilt is a Victorian era quilt, late 1800s early 1900s. It’s a pieced quilt, meaning pieces and scraps of fabric were stitched (pieced) together to create it.

A number of printed ribbons are also sewn into the quilt, and this is what identifies it to Collinsville, Illinois. Some ribbons are worn to the point where the wording cannot be identified; but there are some that, even though worn, can be identified.

What Say You?

Paul Welch was researching information about Davey Jones, who was a police officer in Collinsville, later became a sheriff of Madison County, then became the Chief of Police in Collinsville, and who eventually owned and operated a restaurant on Main Street, and who married Elizabeth Hadfield, the daughter of William Fletcher’s second wife. During this bit of research, Paul found some information on David W. Jones (no relation to Davey Jones), who owned the building next door to the Collins House, when the house was at it’s original location at the corner of Center and Main Streets. David W. Jones operated a confectionery in his building. For reference, the Lux Spa is currently located in the David W. Jones building; the Collins House originally sat where Bert’s Chuck Wagon is now located.

In the information Paul found, David W. Jones was returning from Pittsfield, Illinois where the state’s Firemen’s Convention had taken place. This would have been in 1892. At that time, the Collinsville’s Fire Department was a volunteer department. It was mentioned that Collinsville, Illinois would host the Firemen’s Convention the next year. The ribbon, sewn into the quilt, substantiates the convention being held in Collinsville.

  • Does anyone have any information on that convention?

  • Do any family stories exist that we can include in our archives?

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