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  • Carolyn Welch

Illinois State Historical Society Marker Dedication~

The Illinois State Historical Society marker program was designed to recognize sites of statewide and national significance to increase public awareness and appreciation of our state's rich historical legacy. Since 1934 the ISHS, which has erected more than 500 historical markers statewide, works with communities to coordinate the placement and management of said markers throughout the State of Illinois. A number of local individuals, groups and organizations worked with the members of the Illinois State Historical Society to make this recognition happen, including but not limited to: Mary Sue Schusky, William Iseminger and other members of the Collinsville Historic Preservation Commission, the Collinsville Planning Commission, Mayor John Miller, the City Council and city personnel, Kimberly Caughran, Director of the Parks Department, Bill Furry of the ISHS, and many others.

When refreshments are served, we are excited to show off the antique china cabinet (circa 1860) which showcases the antique china recently donated to the Friends of the D.D. Collins House by Al Cuccinelli.

As photos become available, they will be shared with you.

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