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Center of Attention ~

After Trisha harvested some of the zinnias from the garden, several members of the Collinsville Garden Club began working on making centerpieces that were delivered to Cedarhurst Assisted Living located on Vandalia Street to decorate the tables in the dining room.

Above: Lavadna is getting vases for the centerpieces.

Above and below: Emily and Susie fill vases with water and begin to arrange some of the centerpieces.

Above: Terri, Alice and Lavadna work with the flowers so that they can be arranged into the vases.

Below: Lavadna, Alice, Susie, Emily and Terri work on the arrangements.

Above: Terri delivers a box filled with some of the centerpieces.

Below: A member of the Cedarhurst staff helps to unpack the centerpieces.

Above: Alice places the centerpieces on tables in the dining room.

A total of 24 centerpieces were made and delivered to Cedarhurst. Members of the Collinsville Garden Club, who helped with this project are: Trisha Haisler, Lavadna Hines, Terri Odorizzi, Susie Kautzer and daughter Emily, and Alice Korita.

Photos taken by Trisha Haislar July 24, 2017

Thanks to Trisha Haislar and the Master Gardeners who planted the seeds and tend the garden, we've had some new visitors who appreciate the beauty and bounty they so enjoy!

Be sure to read our flowers page about Zinnias! Click the seed packet below and you will be magically transported to the Zinnia patch in the garden . . .

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