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  • Carolyn Welch

Doors through Time ~

Open and shut long, long ago,

These doors were lost then found, wouldn't you know? . . .

Salvaged they were, way back when,

by the Historic Preservation Commission . . .

Forgotten and put away into storage,

Kind of like yesteryear's use of the word, "porridge" . . .

Their character is grand with lines of wear and tear;

A witness to tidbits of gossip and history from our Collinsville forebearers . . .

Worn paint now with a crackled texture,

At one time was a simple door's vesture . . .

Palm and hand prints along the outer rim,

turn once bright white into a patina bedim . . .

Step now through a time portal to present day;

Perhaps they will make a perfect display . . .

Through the eye of a carpenter with an artisan flair,

A cabinet back would create the fanfare . . .

1860-90 Carpenter

The special place for smalls with a story,

That relates to this house or during a particular era category . . .

So follow the progress is what we'll do,

'til the cabinet is finished, we bid you adieu!

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