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More About Our Johnny Appleseed Tree ~

You may recall our previous pictures and post from Tuesday, October 16, 2017 when Trisha Haislar, Sarah Wilkerson, Bill Iseminger, and Lavadna Hines planted the Johnny Appleseed Tree.

Click the apple to read the original post and see the photos from October 2017.

Photo of tree and plaque.

To celebrate the Bicentennial of Illinois (1818 - 2018), the Illinois State Historical Society provided grafts from Johnny Appleseed (Jonathan Chapman) heritage trees to all 102 counties.

Close-up of plaque placed beneath the tree.

"At seventy odd he was gnarled as could be,

But ruddy and sound as a good apple tree."

~Rosemary and Stephen Vincent Benet

Close-up of plaque.

Arrangements for this beautiful signage were made by Mary Sue Schusky, who also arranged for the tree. There will be a re-dedication of the Johnny Appleseed tree later this year.

Photos courtesy of Carolyn Welch.

Click image above to visit our Johnny Appleseed Tree page.

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